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Climbing Training

Summer 2009

  In order improve on the technical skills that we needed, we have had a few training trips:

June 10-14th Trinity Alps. After Deborah has spent 20 minutes per person pre-taping ALL of the girls’ feet to prevent blisters on our journey, we discover that just a quarter mile down the trail we have to ford a stream.  Since Adrian has never seen the likes of a blister on his feet, he gallantly offers to carry each girl across the stream so their feet will not get wet, and their taping will stay intact.  Meanwhile, Adrian’s feet slosh around in wet boots for the rest of the trip, never really drying out.  Nine miles of uneventful uphill hiking later, we and our heavy packs arrive at what has to be our most deluxe campsite ever.  Gorgeous views, a perfect granite slab for a kitchen, no mosquitoes, and a grill for our hamburgers. We are ecstatic.... The full story    (Flickr pictures of Trinity Trip).

May 30th weekend we set out on our own to Herring Creek Dome to try out our skills while everything was still fresh from last weekend. It turned out to be an excellent day, and we all felt more confident about being prepared for our week this summer! (Flickr pictures of Herring Creek Dome).

May 23-24th. Climbing clinic with an excellent guide, Dave Miller, who gave us training specifically for alpine style rock climbing that we would need in the Palisades. (Flickr Pictures)

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